About Us

Our team consist of four gamer, which are hardcore fans of FIFA Ultimate Team. We played it every single year, spend thousands of dollar just for FIFA Points and in the end got extremely disappointed.

What happened?

Electronic Arts is earned billions (!) from FIFA Ultimate Team, but since FIFA 17 the quality of the gameplay decreased a lot. Bugs, glitches and many other fails in the game made it completely unplayable…and of course then there is this “momentum” or better to say “scripting”. We spent so much money for the game, but got so less in return. It was time for a change, until someone found the FIFA Coin Generator, which was developed by a famous warez group. We found it, increased it and published it on FIFA-Games.com. Contact us here for more information.

This is our chance to get free FIFA 20 coins and points. There won’t be any limit anymore!