You already know the FIFA 20 hack works for the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and the PC, but how about the FUT Companion and the new version of the Web App?


Don’t wait until the official release!

You know what is the best part of the FUT 20 Web App hack? You can use it before the official game releases. The Web App gets released around one week before the game. This means you have an advantage of one week to get free points and coins and use them to open FUT packs and buy players. Sounds good right? On YouTube and Twitch you might see many gamers opening as much as they want. You can be sure they used the FIFA 20 hack.

Buy any FUT Icon you want.

Get free FIFA 20 coins and points on all systems!

From now on you can easily use the hack for the Web App and the FUT Companion. It has never been easier to get coins and points for Ultimate Team. Once you have them you can buy any player you want. No matter if FUT icons or other top players. You can literally build the best squad ever. Simply generate yourself unlimited coins and points and use them on the transfer market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I use the FIFA 20 Coin Generator?

You can run the FIFA 20 hack on our website. There are several other websites offering cheats and hacks, they might work as well. Our tool is absolutely safe.

Do I need a jailbreak or root for the FUT Companion?

No, just get the normal FUT Companion on your smartphone. It also doesn’t matter if you are using it on an Android or iOS device.

Do I need to download any file?

No, you don’t have to download or install any file. In the past people had to download the FIFA Coin Generator, but this one only worked for Windows PC. The latest version of the hack works on every smartphone, tablet and of course on the PC.

Is it all for free?

Yes, we don’t charge you any money. It might be possible you have to verify yourself as a human, but we are not the provider of those verifications. You can keep it for free if you want, just do it correctly.

How long does it take to get the free coins?

Normally it should take around five minutes, but this really depends on your internet connection, how many users are using the FIFA 20 coin generator and how fast are the EA servers (you know they are slow). Sometimes it takes two minutes and sometimes it takes 10 minutes.

Will the coins disappear after some time?

No, once they are in your team you will have full access over them and they won’t disappear by themselves. The only way to get them disappeared is by spending them all.

Can I get banned?

The FIFA 20 coins hack is absolutely safe. Our proxies are always refreshing themselves. No one is going to figure out you just used a hack. However, we don’t recommend you to tell anyone about it, since they are very likely to get you reported.

What can I do with all the coins and points?

Whatever you wish to do. Basically there is no limit in what you can do. Its your choice,  since they are all on your account.

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Download the FUT 20 Companion here:


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