In this year the FIFA 20 coin generator got some extraordinary updates and features. From now on you can generate as much free coins and points as you like. It works also on the FUT Web App and the FUT Companion App, which is available for iOS and Android. Basically you don’t even need the actual game, you can just make an account, login via the Web App, create your team and start to use the FIFA 20 hack for Ultimate Team.

We already got an awesome team! We didn’t even spend any money for FUT 20. We simply used the Online Generator. Check it out now!

fifa 20 ut hack

What makes it so safe? 

We added several proxies and other encryption methods to the FIFA 20 coins hack, but the most innovative thing is these proxies are refreshing themselves every time someone used them. This means there is absolutely no pattern, you stay completely anonymous. The proxies are already integrated in the hack. You don’t need to activate them or run them through your browser like you had to in earlier version. They are active all time. Also right now they are active and protecting you and your account of getting banned. It couldn’t be any safer for you and the best is you don’t have to make any effort.


On what systems is it working?

The FIFA 20 hack works for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC and many other platforms. If it will release for Google Stadia you can also use it over there. Basically it doesn’t matter on what platform you are playing, since the database is all the same. So you can play it on your PS4 or PC and simply enter the necessary information in the FIFA 20 coin generator. Within a couple minutes the free coins and points will be generated on your account. The whole process shouldn’t take longer than five minutes. Of course it depends on your internet connection, the servers of EA and some other aspects, but normally its super fast. The user-friendly interface makes sure everyone can use it. No matter how old you are, where you come from or how many coins or points you already got.

fifa 20 coins hack

Get better players

First of all we would recommend you to use the FIFA 20 coins hack to generate a few coins and points. Don’t get more than a million first. Take it easy, otherwise it will be too suspicious. Also you should take care who you are talking to about the FIFA coin generator. Not everyone will like you for using cheats in the game. After you got enough items you can buy any player you want from the transfer market. Another choice would be to open as much FUT packs as necessary to get an icon or other great players, but this might take a pretty long time. We can’t recommend it. Now you can run the FIFA 20 hack and we wish you lots of fun!


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