How To Use The FIFA 20 Hack

In this video we show you how the FIFA 20 coin generator works, what you have to press and what you can expect.

Actually this video is the perfect evidence for everyone, who ever doubt the existence of the FIFA 20 hack. Why? Because we are generating free FIFA 20 coins and points and use them to open FUT Packs.

Note: Sometimes you won’t get the exact number of coins and points you generate. This is to make everything look natural. Its very suspicious if every gamers gets the same amount of points and coins, so our generator is adding 1-10k coins/points to the amount you are actually generating.

This is how it looks like then:

You got 2k additional coins. Its totally random if you get it and how much you get. It depends on how many people are actually using our FIFA 20 coins hack at the same time.


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