How To

You want to use our FIFA 20 hack or tools for other games, but you have no idea how they are working? Let us explain how it works and what you have to press to get all the items on your account.

Here is the step by step tutorial:

Before we start, you should know something:

  • Nobody is going to ask for your password, e-mail, security question or other sensitive information
  • You have to close the game while you use the online generator
  • You don’t need to download any file
  • No jailbreak or root is needed
  • There is no risk for you of getting banned or suspended on the game
  • Use it as often as you want for yourself or your friends
  • Enter only correct information, otherwise you won’t receive the items


fifa 20 coin generator


Step by step tutorial for the generator

  1. Enter your correct username
  2. Choose the platform you are playing on
  3. Choose the amount of free items
  4. Click on the “Generate” button
  5. Wait until the process finished
  6. Follow further instructions if needed
  7. Have fun with your free items!


I have to verify myself as human

Sometimes it happens you have to verify yourself. Don’t worry, nobody is going to ask for your picture, ID card or anything like this. Sometimes you have to enter your e-mail and sometimes you have to enter your phone number to receive a code. This really depends on your location and how many people are using the hack at the moment.

Unfortunately the human verification process is important, because there are so many hacker, bots and other scripts, which are constantly trying to take advantage of our tools. Some want to use the generator to get free items just to sell them for really money. Thats not what we stand for or what we want. We want to give everyone the equal chance to have the same possibility in the game. We are totally against pay to win or in-game purchases. If you want to know more about us click here.