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Never Spend Money for FIFA 20 Points again!

At the moment everyone goes crazy about FIFA 20 Ultimate Team. The most important is to build the best possible team as soon as possible. This can not only get expensive, but also pretty difficult. If you only rely on FIFA Points and opening FUT Packs, you will have some real difficulties. Not everyone got so much pack luck like the YouTuber.

The first time we understood its not worth it

Imagine you just spent $200 for FIFA Points, you open as much packs as possible and all you get are rare player contracts, rare fitness cards and lots of average players. Would you consider this as worth it? Maybe you are lucky sometimes and get a 85+ rated player, but just imagine what else you could do with $200, but instead you just get some players you don’t really need. The huge problem with FUT Packs is you have no control over what you get. Its pure luck…and guess what? The only won winning is Electronic Arts, because they got your money!

You can just generate free FIFA 20 Points!

In order to get enough coins and points you won’t need to spend any real money. You can simply use the FIFA 20 hack. We are offering this generator on FIFA-Games.com. Not only for FUT 20, but also for many other games. For example for FIFA Mobile or CSR Racing 2. Also on this games are premium in-game currencies, which you normally have to spend money for. Simply avoid it now and use our cheats and hacks. The big advantage of the FIFA 20 coin generator is you won’t need to spend money for FIFA Points in order to get coins or better players. You can just directly get free FIFA 20 coins and use them to buy any player you wish. It doesn’t matter if its an FUT icons or any other great player. This will give your team a huge boost and you will be able to win even more matches. We can strongly recommend you to use the FIFA 20 hack. Run it on your smartphone, PC or tablet.



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